Champions Experience

It all started back many years in Brazil in a town named Londrina in the state of Parana. After playing soccer together in youth divisions in Brazil these 3 childhood friends (Everson Maciel, Jadir Barbosa and Rafinha), always had a dream to play in the big leagues , play for best teams in the world and wearing the "Amarelinha", playing for the Braziliam National squad. One of them succeded (RAFINHA-BAYERN MUNICH), and he is coming to the Unites States to share his experiences in the soccer world. And there is where this whole EXPERIENCE started. 

For us, soccer is the perfect way to learn about life.  The coaches at CE are certified specifically to teach children.  We specialize in showing them how to enjoy soccer and also encourage them to respect their teammates and understand the importance of working in groups to achieve success – on the field and off.

We are a new organization that continues to provide the joy and passion of “joga bonito,” the Brazilian way of soccer, to your children – but with greater attention to your satisfaction and the quality of our offer.